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Chairman of the organization: Mammadov Mammad Isa oglu.
E-mail : mamed-mamedov-52@mail.ru
Phone : (012) 537-09-29
Number of members: 6

The direction of activity of the Institute Trade Union Organization includes:Organization of health protection and recreation of İnstitute employees:

For the efficient organization of the rest of the employees of the İnstitute, the Trade Union Organization allocates shipments to sanatoriums of national importance (Bilgah, Absheron, Garangush, Guneshli, Shikh, Naftalan, Nabran, etc.) rest houses every year.

Employees who work with harmful substances are sent to undergo a full medical examination once a year at polyclinic No. 16 of Yasamal region on the basis of a contract.

The Trade Union Organization has distributed free tickets to various concerts and theater performances to the employees of the İnstitute, and the children of the university employees are provided with free participation in New Year and Novruz festivities.

The Trade Union Organization of the Institute, together with various institutions, provided assistance to the soldiers and officers who were in active military service in the "N" military units during the Second Karabakh War.

Members of the organization:

1. Bakhshaliyeva Sona Ali gizi
2. Ismayilova Nazakat Aghamammad gizi
3. Isayev Ajdar Nazim oglu
4. Aliyeva Tarana Ali gizi
5. Ahmadova Solmaz Mahmud gizi
6. Hamidova Fargana Ramiz gizi